वन्दे मातरम

Mandi Profile Detail


Mandi General Information

(1) City {{City}}
(2) Full Postal Address {{Address}}
(3) Pincode {{Pincode}}
(4) Email {{Email}}
(5) Telephone No. with STD Code {{Tel}}
(6) Year of Establishment {{Establishment_Year}}
(7) Population Served {{Population_Served}}
(8) Geographical Area Served By Market(No. of Villages ) {{GeoArea_GeneralInfo}}
(9) Latitude {{Latitude}}
(10) Longitude {{Longitude}}
(11) Mandi Distance from regional Office {{DistanceofMandi}}

Mandi Administration

(1) Information Type {{InfoType}}
(2) Year of Regulation {{RegulationYear}}
(3) Name of The Market Legislation {{LegistationName}}
(4) APMC Type {{apmcType}}
(5) Name of Owner & Management {{NameofOwner}}
(6) Opening Hours {{Openinghours}}
(7) No of Auctions {{Auctions}}
(8) Market Holidays {{MarketHolidays}}
(9) Market Hours {{MarketHours}}
(10) Name of Chairman/Administrator {{ChairmanName}}
(11) Telephone No. of Chairman/Administrator {{ChairmanTeleNo}}
(12) Address of Chairman/Administrator {{ChairmanAddress}}
(13) Name of Secretary {{SecretaryName}}
(14) Telephone No. of Secretary {{SecretaryTelNo}}
(15) Address of Secretary {{SecretaryAddress}}
(16) About of Secretary {{SecretaryAbout}}
(17) Joining Date of Secretary {{SecretaryJoinDate}}
(18) Tenure of Secretary {{SecretaryTenure}}
(19) Duration of Secretary {{SecretaryDuration}}
(20) Name of Officer In-Charge {{OfficerInChargeName}}
(21) Telephone No of Officer In-Charge {{OfficerInChargeTelNo}}
(22) Address of Officer In-Charge {{OfficerInChargeAddress}}

Details of Staff

- Supervisory Administrative Board Employees Mandi Employees
(1) Permanent {{Permanent_Super}} {{Permanent_Admin}} {{Permanent_Board_Emp}} {{Permanent_Mandi_Emp}}
(2) Temporary {{Temporary_Super}} {{Temporary_Admin}} {{Temporary_Board_Emp}} {{Temporary_Mandi_Emp}}

Market Area

(1) Notified area of Market Committee {{Notified_Area_Market_Committee}}
(2) Subyard (If any) and It's exact location {{Subyard_N_Location}}
(3) Farthest place in the Hinterland {{Farthest_Place_Hinterland}}
(4) Nearest place in the Hinterland {{Nearest_Place_Hinterland}}
(5) Commodity Wise Processing Units in the Market area {{Processing_Units}}
(6) Number of Cold Storages available {{ColdStorage_Number_Avl}}
(7) Capacity of Cold Storages available(MT) {{ColdStorage_Capacity_Avl}}
(8) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the season {{Avg_Daily_Disp_Outside_Mrkt}}
(9) Number of Commodities notified under regulation {{Cmdty_Notified_No}}
(10) Average daily dispatches to outside markets during the peak period {{Avg_Daily_Disp_Outside_Mrkt_Peak}}
(11) Names of traditional markets(important) to which produce is sent {{Traditional_Markets}}

Arrival/ Dispatches (Name of 10 commodities important in terms of arrivals)

Name of Commodity Annual Production Average Daily Arrival(Qty.) Maximum Daily Arrival(In Market) Minimum Daily Arrival(In Market) Unit of Price Quotation Standard filling if pack size Crop Season (From-To) Peak Season (From-To)
{{x.Commodity_name}} {{x.Annual_Production}} {{x.Avg_Daily_Arrivals}} {{x.Max_Daily_Arrivals}} {{x.Min_Daily_Arrivals}} {{x.Unit_Price_Quoat}} {{x.Std_Pack_Size}} {{x.Crop_Season_Name}} {{x.Peak_Season_Name}}

Total Annual Arrival Analysis (10 commodities important in terms of arrivals)

{{x.Commodity}} {{x.Yr1}} {{x.Yr2}} {{x.Yr3}}
{{x.Commodity}} {{x.Yr1}} {{x.Yr2}} {{x.Yr3}}

No. of Licensed Wholesale and Other Functionaries of all categories including Cooperatives

Name Number License Fee Number Of Years
{{x.Functionaries_Cat_Name}} {{x.Fun_Number}} {{x.Fun_LicenseFee}} {{x.Fun_No_of_year}}

Market Functionaries

(1) Time at which sale begins in the market {{Market_Sale_BeginTime}}
(2) Peak trading hours {{Peak_Trading_Hours}}
(3) Time at which sale ends in the market {{Market_Sale_EndTime}}
(4) Whether produce is cleaned/graded before sale {{Cleaned_Graded_BeforeSale}}
(5) Accepted grade in the market {{Accepted_Grade_Market}}
(6) Farmer level grading in practice {{Farmer_Level_Grading_in_Practice}}
(7) Are there quality disputes? {{Quality_Disputes}}
(8) How are quality disputes settled? {{Quality_Dispute_Settled}}

Transactional Method

(1) System of Sale {{System_Sale}}
(2) System of Weighment {{Weighment}}
(3) Capacity(Metric Ton) {{Capacity_MT}}
(4) System of Payment {{Payment}}
(5) Degree of Transparency on Method of Sale,Weighment and Payment {{Transparency}}
(6) Transactional Disputes and Redressal Mechanism {{Transactional}}


(1) Modes of transport generally adopted for the market {{Adopted}}
(2) Modes of transport for despatches to various stations {{Despatches}}
(3) Modal Mix% Mode Wise {{ModalMix}}


(1) APMC {{apmcType}}
(2) Weight Bridge(Metric Ton) {{WeightBridge}}
(3) Availablity of Ripening Chambers {{RipType}} (4) Number (5) Capacity
{{Number}} {{Capacity}}

Facilities and Services

(1) Public Address System {{AddressSystem}}
(2) Name Of Welfare Scheme For Producer {{WelfareScheme}}
({{$index + 3}}) {{x.Facility}} {{x.ActionName}}

Market Charges

(1) Commission {{Commission}}
(2) Market Fees {{MarketFees}}
(3) Weighment {{Weigh}}
(4) Brokerage {{Brokerage}}
(5) Charity {{Charity}}
(6) Trade Allowance {{TradeAllowance}}
(7) Octroi {{Octroi}}
(8) GST {{SalesTax}}
(9) Other Taxes/Levies {{Othertax}}
(10) Other Charges {{OtherCharges}}

Financial Position

(1) Annual Income {{Anuual_Income}}
(2) Annual Expenditure {{Annual_Expenditure}}
(3) Surplus/Deficit {{Surplus_Deficit}}
(4) Total Reserves with APMC on 31st March {{Total_Reserve_APMC}}
(5) Total Liabilities(Loan etc.) with APMC on 31st March {{Total_Liablities}}